Top Environmental Management Graduate Programs

Top environmental management master’s programs integrate rigorous coursework with hands-on experience, offering specialized tracks in areas like policy analysis, sustainable development, and ecosystem management. Programs having these qualities facilitate opportunities for collaboration and access to modern technology used to forge connections to industry leaders and organizations.

Importantly,  the best programs are committed to addressing real world environmental challenges, enhancing the program’s effectiveness in transitioning students to their sought out environmental management careers.

Environmental Management Master’s Degree Programs

  • Georgia Institute of Technology- School of Public Policy, Master of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Management
    • A multi-disciplinary program focused on the intersection of public policy, business, city and regional planning, engineering, and economics.
  • Yale University - School of the Environment, Master of Environmental Management
    • Focused on natural resource and environmental problem-solving in a policy and management context.
  • Duke University- Nicholas School of the Environment, Master of Environmental Management
    • Focused on the intersection of science, policy, and community.
  • University of San Francisco- University of Arts and Sciences, Master of Science in Environmental Management
    • Focused on providing science-based management strategies for the environmental challenges the world faces.
  • University of Rhode Island- College of the Environment and Life Sciences, Master of Environmental Management
    • Focused on key areas such as sustainability, policy analysis, and resource management, providing a comprehensive foundation for addressing contemporary environmental challenges.
  • Indiana University Bloomington- Paul H. O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Master of Environmental Sustainability
    • Focused on the transformation of environmental science and policy into solutions promoting sustainability.
  • Georgetown University, Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Management
    • Focused on combining the scientific knowledge and business principles needed to address pressing environmental threats.
  • Columbia University- The Columbia Climate School, Master of Science in Sustainability Management
    • Designed for current and aspiring leaders interested in the intersection of business and the environment.
  • Western Colorado University- Clark Family School of Environment and Sustainability, Master in Environmental Management
    • Focused on the content understanding and methods necessary to manage environmental organizations, public lands agencies, and communities towards sustainable solutions.
  • University of Connecticut, Master's of Energy and Environmental Management
    • Focused on environmental law (policy), planning and management, resource and energy management, and geographic information systems.

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UConn’s Master’s of Energy and Environmental Management

UConn sign in a field lit up in a sustainable green. At the University of Connecticut, we are dedicated to empowering the next generation of environmental leaders.

Gain real-world experience in classes from a cutting-edge online graduate degree program, UConn's Master's of Energy and Environmental Management (MEEM).

UConn's MEEM facilitates the development of expertise in environmental management and planning, environmental law, and geographic information systems with a graduate-level curriculum tailored to your goals and delivered to you, 100% online, by UConn Faculty.

Propel your Career with UConn’s Master’s of Energy and Environmental Management

UConn master's of energy and environmental management students and graduates posing for a picture. UConn's Master's of Energy and Environmental Management (MEEM) is a great opportunity to alter your career trajectory via a program designed to enhance career opportunities and make the world a better place.

  • Gain the skills, knowledge, and network needed to develop a career in the growing landscape of energy and environmental industries.
  • Join a community of professionals who are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the world, as well as position yourself for success in the field of sustainability.

Drive career advancement and professional growth with UConn’s Master's of Energy and Environmental Management program.

To learn more about this program and how to apply, visit UConn's MEEM Home Page.

To learn about what makes an environmental management great, visit our What Makes the Best Environmental Management Program Page.

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